Saturday, 22 June 2013

Week of 30 July 1956

Monday, 30 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
I went to see Mr Bridgeman at 4.30 and had a long interview with him. He thinks the time has come to have the operation for cataract. I am to talk it over with Reg but it is more or less decided that I shall go into St George's Hospital towards the end of September. He will operate but I shall go into a public ward and have it done on Public Health.
Tuesday, 31 July
Nicky and James came to lunch. Also Mab who spent the afternoon here, but the other two had to dash off for 11th hour shopping before their start for Pakistan on Friday.
Thursday, 2 August
Elmhurst Farm
Had a beautiful night but still felt tired and low-spirited and the weather did nothing to help - nor the news about Suez.
An awfully nice letter from Pippa, and a very welcome one from Clara forwarding me my grey pen which I had left behind.

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