Sunday, 23 June 2013

Week of 20 August 1956

Friday, 24 August
Hamilton Terrace - Riversdale
A lovely morning. I slept well but woke desperately tired. It was quite a rush getting off to catch the 12 o'clock train at St Pancras. A nice lunch and Sarah read solidly during the whole six-hour journey. Fine most of the way but very cold on arrival. Anne recovering from a week's migraine. Boys fit as fiddles. Bram arrived in car about 7.30. Drinks and supper and straight to bed.
Saturday, 25 August
Riversdale, Long Preston
I slept very well in the most comfortable double bed but have been awfully tired all day and Anne is still rotten with the aftermath of migraine. A deplorable day, rain and very cold. I did not stir out till after tea when Bram took Anne, me and the boys in the car to a farm to order a chicken (my contribution) and back by Settle. The flooded rivers were an amazing sight, and fields partly under water. A letter from James Flecker today.

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