Friday, 21 June 2013

Week of 16 July 1956

Monday, 16 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
A lovely day and a very nice one as Hester, Dickie and Louise drove up to leave flowers and provisions for a party Larry and Vivien were giving for Marylyn? and Huss and Monga spent the day here. Awly and James joined us after lunch and we sat out in the garden and it was very happy and pleasant. But Hester turned very tired at the end having carried Monga back from Awly's flat. Much too much for her of course. Dickie came back soon after 6 o'clock.
Friday, 20 July
Alice slept here
Alice turned up about 3 o'clock, looking very well and pretty. Sarah and her friend Mon (Mary O'Neil) arrived about 4.30 and they all greatly enjoyed the "scrumptious tea" I had got for them. Sarah has done splendidly in her exams - has got top marks in the whole school. They all three went off to a local cinema to see a Ginger Rogers Movie.
Saturday, 21 July
Alice and Barnaby slept here
Alice and I got provisions for the journey in the morning. Barnaby turned up in the afternoon, and James then brought Awly and Jamie over for tea but could not stop himself. James heard this morning that he had failed in his exam though he had passed in six subjects out of seven. This may dish their foreign holiday. Awly helped A and B with their packing.
Sunday, 22 July
We were called at 5.45 and James fetched A and B at 6.15 and took them to breakfast at Clive Court and then on to London Airport, and saw them off in their BEA plane at 8.25. James looked in this evening to move Barnaby's trunk downstairs and joined me for a drink on the loggia.

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