Saturday, 1 June 2013

Week of 23 April 1956

Monday 23 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
James MacLachlan slept here
A gorgeous day. James Mac rang up at 9 am to say the nurse thought the baby would br born by noon. James Flecker left at 10.30. At 12 James rang up to say a boy had just been born, both doing fine. After lunch I met him at Clifton Rd where we were both getting flowers for Awly. The baby weighs 7.25 lbs. All going splendidly. Hester is coming up tomorrow when the Matriarch leaves, and will run the flat till next Monday when the M will come back again if desirable. I went down after tea and saw Awly and James Edward. He is really delightful with quite a look of Barnaby. I rang up Anne and Reg after tea. Feel much less tired today. It has been a happy day.

Tuesday, 24 April
James MacLachlan slept here
James and I both slept well and he left about 8.30. Hester turned up a couple of hours later and had coffee before going on to the flat. All well there. Mrs MacLachlan returned home. Hester came in at teatime to say she would not be sleeping here as they had fixed her up a bed in the drawing room. Very disappointing.

Wednesday, 25 April
James Mac slept here
Went over to Clive Court for elevenses and sat with Awly and Hester. Awly looked lovely in her pink frilly nylon cape. She and JE are doing splendidly. Her room is full of flowers, and she has had masses of letters and wires and a cable from Bet. Hester came in after tea for a long talk and told me she is going to have a baby in the middle of August.

Thursday, 26 April
James Mac slept here
I went to the French Railways in the morning for information on South Brittany. Later James came and drove me over to their flat where I had supper with him, Hester and Sister Lumley, and afterwards I sat with Awly. All well with her and Jamie.

Saturday, 28 April
I took a letter I had from Bet over to Clive Court saying A and B were flying back on Tuesday.
Hester went back to Notley this evening after cooking food for the weekend. She will come up on Wednesday to help get A and B off to school.

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