Thursday, 31 October 2013

Week of 1 January 1957

Tuesday, 1 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Pippa saw the New Year in with me in her dressing gown, but I did not sleep well afterwards and felt very tired all day. Pippa and Nicky went their several ways shopping. Pippa was very successful and got three dresses, green shoes etc. I gave her one of the dresses as my Christmas present - a black evening dress from Marshall. It suits her perfectly.
Thursday, 3 January
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Nicky lunched with Mr Henry Brooke. They all went to Salad Days in the evening.
Saturday, 5 January
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Vigorous shopping in the morning by the Fleckers. In the afternoon they went to the local cinema to see The Battle of the River Plate.

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