Saturday, 2 November 2013

Week of 7 January 1957

Monday, 7 January 
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa slept here
Pippa drove Nick down to the coach station with her luggage, and then came to meet the Ryder brothers for a drink here before they took her off for lunch somewhere.
She rang up the hospital and heard that James had had his operation, and all had gone well. She di not get back till 6 o'clock. We had an early supper (shrimps on toast etc.) and then she went again to St Mary's.
Tuesday, 8 January
Pippa slept here
A very mild day. Pippa visited James twice and found him much better in the evening and they played backgammon.
Anne rang up from Riversdale and said it had been such a very happy birthday. She seemed so please with all her presents, and Cosh had sent her a cheque for £50!

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