Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week of 24 December 1956

Monday, 24 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Mabel slept here
A busy morning preparing for Xmas lunch. Lil and Mab came out together by car and Lil stayed till 3.30 when I sent her home by taxi.
Mabel and I rested and did some telephoning. Wing Commander Attwell came in to show how to work the wireless which Awly and James lent us. They drove down to Stutton this morning.
Tuesday, 25 December
Mabel slept here
Overslept and did not wake till 8.45. Bitterly cold day. Finally were lucky in getting a taxito take us to church. It looked lovely and we stayed for both services and walked home to a cold lunch. Wing Commander Attwell came in afterwards and lit us a splendid fire. He brought Elizabeth with him. All very friendly.
Thursday, 27 December
Pippa, James and Nicky slept here
The three Fleckers turned up at 3.30 and we had an early tea and I rested afterwards. Nicky was very tired and had her bath before supper and came down in her dressing gown.
Monday, 31 December
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Pippa and Nicky went off early for shopping and only returned for tea. Mabel came out for tea. Awly and Jamie lunched here. Awly was looking much better. James came along in the evening to fetch his wireless and stopped for a drink. Reg rang up with New Year wishes.

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