Thursday, 10 October 2013

Week of 10 December 1956

Monday, 10 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Awly lunched here. The news from Notley when I rang up this evening was not good. Hester had been taken to Radcliffe Hospital by ambulance in the morning for suspected meningitis or polyiomyelitis. But later Bet rang up to say there had been a lumber? puncture which had given negative results, so that is a great relief.
Wednesday 12 December
Very good night and felt so much better today. Mab's birthday. She lunched here, also Awly, and we all enjoyed it. Mabel was very pleased with her brooch and her other presents. I went and did my first bit of shopping at Bedrich?
Rang up Notley and heard that Hester was home and more or less all right. She spoke ro me herself and was delighted with my present - plaid slacks which she has just been trying on. What a transformation!
Saturday, 15 December
A dark day. Much wind and rain. James and Awly left Jamie here at 10 and went off to do Christmas shopping. Alice arrived about 11 o'clock. She made a bee line for the piano and then shopped for me at Clifton Rd.
A and J came back for lunch and afterwards drove Alice to the station to catch the 3.20 to Aylesbury. I felt tired and off colour and Awly was obviously the same. The news from Notley was better this evening.
Sunday, 16 December
Good report from Notley. Hester a lot better and Peggy returning to work tomorrow. Bet and the children will come up tomorrow evening.

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