Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Week of 11 February 1957

Monday, 11 February
47 Hamilton Terrace - St George's Hospital
Drove to St George's after lunch and went to bed (bed No. 3 in Ratcliffe Ward). Mrs Kelly and Frances Oliver both in the ward again. Everything seemed rather dreamlike and depressing.
Wednesday, 13 February
St George's Hospital
Mr Bridgeman operated on me (needling) at 9.30 am. The merest bagatelle and I felt perfectly fit afterwards.
Friday, 15 February
Mr Bridgeman saw my eye and is very pleased and I can go home tomorrow.
Saturday, 16 February
St George's Hospital - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Taxied home soon after 10 am. Found Clara already here and heard all about the cat's operation, etc.

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