Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week of 18 February 1957

Monday, 18 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Reg slept here
Busy locally in the morning. After lunch went to Mr Bridgeman. A depressing interview as he was obviously puzzled and disappointed that I was not seeing better. He sent me on to Hamblin in Wigmore >St who fitted me with 2 temporary pairs of spectacles - one for long distance and one for reading. I was not home till 5.30 and missed a phone call from Bet on her return to Suffolk. Reg arrived at 6 o'clock. Very sympathetic and encouraging but I felt awfully tired and discouraged.
Tuesday, 19 February
Reg slept here
My long-distance glasses are not too awful though I would be far happier without them. But my reading glasses are hopeless. I can't see a thing. Still I go on hoping.
Thursday, 21 February
Reg slept here
Awly and James came round after breakfast and left Jamie in my charge. They picked up Hester at Paddington and all went on to the Oratory for Pam Harter's wedding. They returned at lunchtime, having already lunched, but Hester stayed with me whilst I had mine and we had coffee and a long talk afterwards.
Friday, 22 February
Reg slept here
Reg and I went to Hamblin, opticians, Wigmore St, and I had a long and satisfactory talk with Mr Handley. We then went on and lunched at The Braganza in Frith St, Soho. The only Portuguese restaurant in London. First class. Maud Wethered came over to tea. She and Reg got on very well.

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