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Week of 21 January 1957

Monday, 7 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa slept here
Pippa arrived about 11 am and coped with post and messages till starting for the Savoy to lunch with Roddy. Got back for a late tea and packed most of the evening. I did Awly's shopping, Jamie not quite so well this evening. James came in for a drink.
Tuesday, 22 January
Pippa slept here
Bet and the two boys turned up at 12 o'clock and after a hurried lunch she was them off at Paddington. They were both in great spirits. Bet returned here and had coffee before going off to Victoria to see Alice off to Langford Grange (Grove?).
Wednesday, 23 January
Pippa and Wilma slept here
Pippa was off by 8.30 for a hairdo. Dashed back later to pick up her post and saw Wilma who had just arrived. Bet arrived for lunch and afterwards she and Wuff went to see Oklahoma and greatly enjoyed it. After tea Pippa showed them all her purchases - most impressive. A very happy reunion. Then they went off to see The Chalk Garden. I spent most of the evening looking at the colour photos Pips has taken.
Thursday, 24 January
Pippa slept here
Wuff brought me up Studley-grown mushrooms for my breakfast. They all dashed off for shopping and came back for a very early lunch. Bet brought Jamie over here whilst Awly had a haircut and we all had tea. Pippa had tea with Mabel before having her feet done. Terrific packing in the evening. I looked at a lot more colour photos.
Friday, 25 January
Pippa, Nicky and James slept here
Slept well but felt most terribly tired. Forced myself up for my quiet time before breakfast and felt the reward all day. James F phoned to say he would come up this evening and meet them at the theatre. (Pips had taken an extra seat on chance.) he will doss down in the drawing room, and he and Nicky will see Pips off tomorrow morning. She is overjoyed. A hectic day but a happy one, thank God. P and B both here for the last lunch - fish and Anne's Xmas pudding. Bet went to a cinema and is baby watching tonight. Pips coped successfully with all the 11th hour things, and left the heavy luggage at Euston.
Saturday, 26 January
Bet slept here
Pippa left for Euston Station in an Alliance Car at 8.30 am with Nicky and James. Bet had come over to help with breakfast. Just before she left we heard that James had passed his finals as a chartered accountant. Nicky and James came back to pick up their things and leave for Girton and Marlborough. Awly met James for a lunch out in celebration and we had Jamie over here - as good as gold. James and Awly came over for tea.
Sunday, January 27
Slept well but felt so tired that I decided to take the day in bed. Bet saw to everything for me. She and James went to 7 o'clock mass and an American friend of Bet's lunched here till 6 o'clock. They had coffee up in my room. I liked her.

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