Monday, 30 December 2013

Week of 1 July 1957

Monday, 1 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
James MacLachlan slept here
Less hot but still more than hot enough. A hectic day. Anne's migraine bad, and we tried to have a self-driven car pending recovery of theirs - that failed as the driving licence was not available. Then James Mac offered to drive them down after work and this was gratefully accepted but proved unnecessary as the car was retrieved in the St Pancras area about 4 pm and they got off at 7 pm. A huge relief. James, Awly and Glennis had tea here and J and P became fast friends. Bram took the two boys on the boats in Regent's Park in the morning. Gran's treat.
Sunday, 7 July
An eventful day and thank goodness a cooler one. James came over early to say that the baby had started and the midwife had arrived. He drove me to church where I met Enid and Dr Cove-Smith drove us both to Macwhirter's where we lunched. She spent the afternoon and tea here, and taxied home after hearing the news that Awly's son was born at 4 o'clock. He weighs just under 8 lbs. Hester arrived to take over the reins. Bet has been cabled for. Mary Wilkinson arrived at 6 o'clock and her friend by a later train.

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