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Week of 24 June 1957

Monday, 24 June
St Bride's Hotel, Saundersfoot
Another glorious morning. We spent it in the garden enjoying the superb views. Mabel caught the 2 pm bus to Tenby and did not get back till dinnertime. She shopped, looked in at various hotels, had tea, and enjoyed it, except that so much of her time was spent in trying and failing to find a brooch that she had dropped. After tea I walked down to the Private Beach, helped both ways by kind passers-by. A lovely spot and I was able to relax and enjoy it.
Tuesday, 25 June
Our faultless weather still holds. Mab and I spent the morning on the Private beach - quite the nicest time of it - and walked round to Saundersfoot on the sands, and managed to get driven up to St Bride's by the owner of the Cambrian Hotel.
Caught Hotel Bus to Tenby - had tea in a café overlooking the North Bay and harbour, walked down to South Bay and sat i nthe Private Gardens of the Cawdor Hotel. Gorgeous coast but would far rather be here. Got back late for dinner and quite over-tired.
Wednesday, 26 June
We started at 11 o'clock in the one and only car for hire driven by Dick Gore. A pleasant but not beautiful drive till we dropped on to the coast between Haverford West and St David's. Passed New Gale Beach and Solva where Bet and Wilma caravanned. Our time at St Davids was rather a washout. The Princess Royal was opening a Red Cross unit, and all roads were blocked to traffic, and we were turned out of the cathedral almost immediately. Also it turned cold and started to rain, so we ate out sandwich lunch at the Grove Hotel and drove back arriving here in time for tea. Very disappointing.
Thursday, 27 June
Mist and rain in morning but turned lovely in the afternoon. I felt poorly with some internal upset, and rested in the afternoon, only coming down in time for a late cup of tea.
Mabel bussed down to the seafront and tea there, and bought some things, but she was not feeling well either. We sat down in the garden after dinner. The place was looking lovely and the sound of the sea delicious.
Saturday, 29 June
St Bride's Hotel - 47 Hamilton Terrace
All 4 Brammalls slept here
Terribly hot journey and we were thankful to have reserved first-class seats. James Mac met us at Paddington and drove me home and then Mabel to her hotel. Found all four Brammals here - well but very hot and exhausted. Temp 84 in my room.
Sunday, 30 June
47 Hamilton Terrace
All 4 Brammals slept here
The heat wave continues - also Anne's migraine! But she went to church notwithstanding, whilst Bram took the boys to see the Witts at Pinner. A catastrophe! Their car was pinched during lunchtime. Great comings and goings of police! They are quite hopeful of getting it back but when? James drove Anne and the boys to see the 3 aunts. We had a picnic tea in the kitchen and Jamie had a lovely time in the garden with the others.

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