Monday, 20 January 2014

Week of 8 July 1957

Monday, 8 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
Hester slept here
A lovely cool day. All well over the way. Jamie and Glinis went down to Suffolk this morning. Betty turned up unexpectedly at 3 pm in advance oh her cable. Delighted with the baby. She came over for a talk after tea and later I went and dined with them. Very pleasant but came back before the 9 o'clock news and went to bed. Hester followed me very soon after - almost speechless with laryngitis.
Wednesday, 10 July
A delightfully cool day and a happy and restful one for me. For the second day running I did not move beyond the garden. Bet did my shopping and was in and out.
A queer happening! The drawing room which is too heavy for me ever to open was wide open this morning. Someone must have got into the house, but nothing of any kind seems to have been taken! Mysterious!
Thursday, 11 July
Lunched over the way. Awly looking very well and the baby quite charming. Mab, who saw them both after tea, thought him quite the nicest baby since Pippa.
Saturday, 13 July
Rested in afternoon and Bet came to tea. Such a cheer.
Sunday, 14 July
Nicky and Angela slept here
Bet came round about 4 o'clock and Angela arrived soon afterwards. Very nice and easy. We all three had a big tea and then Bet returned over the way. James came later for drinks and then drove Angela to Bell St where she was rehearsing for The Rake's Progress.

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