Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week of 17 June 1957

Saturday, 22 June
47 Hamilton Terrace - Saundersfoot
Woke very early, dog tired and very futile! Milk sour! My old dentures disappeared! Mabel arrived in car sooner than expected, Clara soon afterwards. Very uncomfortable journey in our second-class carriage - had a sandwich lunch and tea was brought to us. Rain most of the way but a lovely evening for arrival. We are both delighted with the place and the hotel. Unpacked - had a first-class dinner and early to bed. I felt very tired but less so than when I left London.
Sunday, 23 June
St Bride's Hotel, Saundersfoot
Woke to a lovely morning. Very comfortable bed. Breakfasted downstairs. Mab and I sat in garden facing harbour, till it clouded and became very cold. Felt awfully tired and rested till tea which we had in the sun lounge. Afterwards we walked down to beach and harbour and sat for a while on deck chairs. Silly of me to go as I was in unsuitable shoes, and I found the pull up to our hotel the last straw. Mabel really stood it much better than I did.

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