Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week of 3 June 1957

Monday, 3 June
47 Hamilton Terrace
Lil slept here
A brilliant and hot day. Aline left at 8 am. Freda Grace spent the afternoon here. Bram rang me up in the evening to say he had got the Ramsgate job and was starting work next Monday. I phoned congratulations to Anne who seemed pleased and excited.
Sunday, 9 June
Lil and Bram both slept here
Bram arrived much sooner than expected and had tea with both aunts. Later, he drove Enid home and then I came down to the drawing-room and we had drinks and then he went to dine with the Witts. He is very happy and excited about his job at Ramsgate as pier master which he starts tomorrow.

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