Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week of 20 May 1957

Monday, 20 May
47 Hamilton Terrace
Lil slept here
Lil came down to lunch and then went off to Enid and spent the afternoon there.
I rang up Bet, all well there, but she tells me that she is off to Germany on Wednesday 29th and will sleep here on Tuesday in the little room. A lot of coming and going but we shall manage.
Lil looked ghastly yesterday evening.
Wednesday, 22 May
Lil slept here
Sir William Fyfe and Margaret came to tea. It is many years since we met and he is very aged and terribly blind, but just as nice as ever.
Sunday, 26 May
Lil, Hester and Dickie slept here
Wind still bitter but glorious sunshine and we were able to enjoy the loggia. I went to morning service. A good day with Lil and she lunched with Diana at the Royal Court Hotel.
Dickie and Hester turned up about 9.30. They had dined at his club. It had been a very pleasant holiday though far from ideal weather. After phoning Bet and the Macs they had hot baths and were glad of their beds.

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