Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week of 27 May 1957

Tuesday, 28 May
47 Hamilton Terrace
Lil and Bet slept here
Bet turned up about 10.30, looking well, saw Lil and then went over to Awly, shopped locally, went to bank etc. till lunch. Packed in afternoon. Later Bet had an aperitif with Lil up in her room before going over to dine with the Macs. I wrote on the loggia.
Wednesday, 20 May
Lil slept here
Bet was out all morning, War Office, etc. Back for lunch and met James Flecker, up to see his nose specialist. He phoned later to say the report was satisfactory. Awly and Jamie came over in the afternoon and we all had an early tea before Bet left by taxi for Liverpool St en route for Germany.
Sunday, 2 June
Lil slept here, also Aline
A hot summer day at last. Mary Wilkinson drove me to and from church. Enid was there and she came back with us to meet Jeremy. Awly, James and Jamie came over too, and we had a very nice impromptu party with plenty of drinks and goodbyes! Then Lil and Jeremy drove Enid back before going to lunch at the Hyde Park Hotel.

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