Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week of 29 April 1957

Monday, 29 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
A lovely day. Awly and Alice lunched here and afterwards Alice went on her own to Oxford St and shopped successfully getting tennis racket and some clothes. We had tea together and afterwards read on the loggia in blazing sunshine. She and James and Awly have gone at my expense to a cinema this evening, and Hester and Dickie will pick her up on their way back from seeing Larry's play. I rang up Anne and Sarah will sleep here on Wednesday night and Alice will come up early Thursday, so they will have a few hours together.
Thursday, 2 May
Alice arrived from Notley about 10 am and she and Sarah went off and window shopped, did a newsreel and lunched at Selfridges. They left for their respective schools in the afternoon and a little later I bussed down to Victoria and met Reg at the Grosvenor Hotel. Very pleasant.
Sunday, 5 May
Betty slept here
I walked to and from church and stayed for both services. Bet had a much needed lie in bed and went to 12 o'clock mass. We both lunched over the way. Very pleasant indeed. Afterwards, Awly, James and Jamie came over, and James took snaps of the 4 generations on the lawn and Jamie crawled on the lawn. Bet and I both tired and went to bed early.

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