Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week of 6 May 1957

Monday, 6 May
47 Hamilton Terrace
Betty slept here
Betty shopped morning and afternoon with great success.
Mabel spent the afternoon here and looked rotten. No betterness yet but definitely the reverse since her first treatment. But it is always this way.
Tuesday, 7 May
Betty slept here
Bet had a perm at Evans in the morning and came back for lunch, and Awly joined her. They shopped in the afternoon most successfully and came back for tea. Hester phoned to say that Dickie was coming up tomorrow and would drive back. Hester will perhaps come with him. Phoned Anne after dinner. Bram not back yet and she sounded very lonely.
Wednesday, 8 May
Bet did my shopping and helped Awly over the way. Hester did not come up but Dickie called for Bet about 4 o'clock and afterwards they drove off to Notley.
Saturday, 11 May
Hester and Dickie slept here
I slept well and was down at the surgery by 9 o'clock. First one in.
Met Mabel at Alliance Hall for Miss Dunlop's meditation. Very good! Enid came out ot lunch and stayed till after tea. Hester and Dickie arrived before she left and she was enthusiastic about Mabel's appearance. Later H&D went off to dine with the Macs somewhere. I rang up Mab who sounded very sad. I am afraid Enid is in for an attack of gout.

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