Monday, 24 February 2014

Week of 16 September 1957

Monday, 16 September
47 Hamilton Terrace
Shopped locally in the morning and Awly packed Barnaby's trunk after lunch. I went to tea with Mabel at her hotel and thought her looking much better.
Tuesday, 17 September
James Flecker arrived from Pakistan at 10 am, and left for Ewelme at 6 pm. He was in great form and did not seem at all tired after his two-day journey. He told me a lot of interesting things and I greatly enjoyed having him.
Friday, 20 September
Woke with my cold full tilt and decided for a day in bed. C was cooperative and it went easily and pleasantly, and Awly was most helpful.
Mabel's loan of Look Back in Anger proved an asset. Just the sort of reading I was in the mood for.

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