Friday, 28 February 2014

Week of 23 September 1957

Monday, 23 September
47 Hamilton terrace
Hester, Alice, Barnaby and Johnny slept here
Hester arrived about 7 o'clock and had supper over the way. Then came back here and A and J drove to Victoria to collect Alice, Barnaby and Johnny. They arived at 9.30 - none the worse for their long journey and in good spirits.
Tuesday, 24 September
Hester woke with a filthy cold but coped nobly with everything. She and Alice shopped successfuly in pouring rain and were back by 12 o'clock, and Sarah turned up soon after. After an early cold lunch, Hester and Barnaby saw Johnny off at Paddington for Malvern - quite composed. Later, all the party including Awly went to Victoria and saw Alice off to Barcombe Mills, Sarah into her train for Liverpool St, and then James Mac arrived in car and drove Barnaby (also quite composed) to Beaumont. A very satisfactory day except for Hester's cold and the pouring rain. ["satisfactory" in the sense that they managed to get rid of four homesick children in one fell swoop?!] I felt a bit mouldy.
Wednesday, 25 September
I rang up Notley in the evening - the whole family are laid low with whatever it is, but Hester feels better than yesterday and her friend Pam is beinghelpful.
Saturday, 28 September
47 Hamilton Terrace - Regency Hotel, Ramsgate
Met Mabel at the 11.35 train to Ramsgate. A very comfortable journey and nice sandwich lunch. Bram and Peter met us at the station and drove us to this hotel where Anne and Paul were waiting for us. We finally got very nice adjoining rooms overlookîg sea. Unpacked and then rested and had tea in bed. Later Bram fetched us and brought us to Westacre. Our first reaction was unfavourable, partly I am sure due to our intense fatigue. Dinner quite good but surroundings depressing and lighting atrocious.
Sunday, 29 September
Regency Hotel, Ramsgate
Breakfasted in bed and went to St George's parish church. Thewhole Brammall family came to lunch. Afterwards Bram took us on a delightful drive round the harbour - very fascinating. Then to a delightful beach near Broadstairs and finally back via their previous council house where we stopped to pick up brooms, which we greatly liked. Lovely sunny afternoon and our reactions to everything very different to yesterday.

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