Saturday, 22 February 2014

Week of 2 September 1957

Monday, 2 September
47 Hamilton Terrace
A bracing autumn day, and I felt better though still very tired. Sarah left soon after breakfast. She is staying the night with Mon O'Neil. I lunched with Lil at the Leicester Court. She has a wretched room but we haq quite a good lunch. I thought she looked well. Awly came over here for tea.
Friday, 6 September
Awly came in with Jamie this morning and told me that James had got a job at the United Steel Company at Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire and that they will be leaving London next month. A blow but I had expected it.
Saturday, 7 September
I had my preliminary talk with Clara and told her that I was going to try for a living-in maid. It all went easily.
Sunday, 8 September
James drove me to church where I found Enif. After seeing her into a 74 bus to lunch with Lil, I came back and lunched with the Macs, and spent the rest of day alone, and felt low and lonely. I sent an advert to The Church Times  for a living-in maid but I doubt if I shall get an answer.

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