Thursday, 27 March 2014

Week of 30 September 1957

Tuesday, October 1
Regency Hotel, Ramsgate
Woke to a lovely morning. We went our separate ways and I had a pleasant elevenses with Anne. Reg arrived at 3:30 and we had tea in my room. Then off to Westacre where Reg produced drinks. He was genuinely approving of the house. A pleasant dinner and early to bed.
Wednesday, October 2
I love you today. We all went our own ways. I walked to the end of the West Cliff Esplanade, sitting in shelters and writing letters. Very pleasant. After lunch Reg drove us first to Sandwich and then on to Deal where we had tea. Reg walked up and dropped me at the Brammalls and fond them all very happy in the garden, cutting down trees and making great improvements. I walked back to the hotel.
Thursday, October 3
Another lovely day but Mabel not feeling up to much. I went up on to the Signalling Station with Bram and then walked to the end of the West Cliff Esplanade. In the afternoon we had an exhausting and fruitless search for Mab's specs. Finally found the church where she thinks she might have lost them, but could not find anyone to ask. Rested till teatime. Afterwards I went up to the Brams - all in the garden again - and finally Reg and I went to the Camden Arms for drinks.
Friday, October 4
Reg went to say goodbye to the Brams and after dinner he and I went for a walk along the Esplanade. Very pleasant in the moonlight. Reg gave Peter and Paul aeroplanes which I had chosen in the morning.
Saturday, October 5
Regency Hotel - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Reg left for the farm at 11 am, and the Brams arrived for an early lunch and we had coffee on the terrace. I have given the boys navy winter duffle coats. Bram drove us up to the station to catch the 3.50 back to London and we were seen off by the whole family. Awly and James came over for drinks.

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