Thursday, 27 March 2014

Week of 7 October 1957

Monday, 7 October
47 Hamilton Terrace
Clara returned in good form though still heavy with cold. Awly passed her driving test this afternoon and came in for tea afterwards. 
A happy day as I have felt better than for some time past.
Wednesday, 9 October
Awly drove me to Clifton Rd and back!! She brought Angus round for lunch and she greatly admired him. May Wilkinson drove me round to see the experimental lighting in Carlton Hill, but we went to the wrong part! She had supper with me afterwards.
Thursday, 10 October
Hester and Louise slept here
Hester brought Louise up in the morning to spend the day with Awly. They both looked pulled down by their flu. Awly and Hester went shopping in the afternoon and Hester as always was very successful.
Nicky arrived from Pakistan about 4.15, made a lightening change, and caught a 5 o'clock train to Cambridge. She looks awfully well and handsome. Angus spent the afternoon here in his carry cot. Hester gave Monga a bath here, but is spending the evening over the way.
Sunday, 13 October
The glorious weather continues. James drove the family down to Studley this afternoon, but he and Awly will be back on Tuesday to clear the flat and will be sleeping here for a few days.

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