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Week of 2 February 1959

Tuesday, 3 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Reg slept here
Reg brought me in tulips before going to the Berkeley to meet Mr Barchard and his wife. I went to Enid and took her for a walk along the crescent before lunch. She walked a little better than on Saturday, I thought.
I read to her after lunch, and left her resting and got home in time for tea.
Reg went to tea with Mabel and got back about 7 o'clock. He has taken stalls for us for Rose Tattoo at the New Theatre on Saturday, and I have been reading the book of the play which he brought back with him.
Phoned Lil who sounded fairly well - also Hester. She thinks of driving up to Lincoln on Friday. The mews she was consdiering has already gone.
Thursday, 5 February
Reg slept here
We lunched at Massey's Chop House  in Beauchamp St. Quite the best steak I have ever eaten, cooked over charcoal, but I thought fantastically expensive!
Friday, 6 February
Reg slept here
I think at last I have got a tenant. Miss Lightfoot saw the flat after lunch and we liked each other. It is as good as settled. A bright spot in an otherwise drooky day.
Saturday, 7 February
Reg slept here
Had an early tea with Reg before we taxied to the New Theatre for Rose Tattoo. Both of us greatly enjoyed it though we were not enormously impressed.
Nicky rang up from Mark's flat.
Sunday, 8 February
Nicky slept here
Nicky and Mark turned up soon after 7. I had expected N but not M!! However, Edith and I managed to provide them with an adequate meal.

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