Friday, 25 July 2014

Week of 2 March 1959

Tuesday, 3 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa slept here
After supper Pips and I listened to a very interesting recording of Lawrence of Arabia in his later days as Aircraftsman Shaw.
Wednesday, 4 March
Pippa slept here
After supper I read Pippa extracts from my diary for 1958, from March 4th to May 2nd - the period whilst Pounce was with me.
Thursday, 5 May
Bram slept here
Pips went to Stretton, dentist,  this morning, arriving back 12. Bram and Paul next to arrive - last of all Hester, and then a family lunch. Afterwards Pips left for Huntingdon and soon after Paul drove off in Hester's car, and then Bram went off to the Officers' Association.
Saturday, 7 March 
Pippa slept here
Bram went to the Ideal Home Exhibition before returning to Ramsgate - terribly lost without Anne and the boys.

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