Monday, 28 July 2014

Week of 9 March 1959

Monday, 9 Match
47 Hamilton Terrace
Letter from Bet with nice account of Anne's arrival.
Tuesday, 10 March
Hester drove me to see a flat in Clifton Court which she might possibly take. Lovely for me if she does. A very happy letter from Anne from Mönchen-Gladbach.
Wednesday 10 March
Reg arrived before 1 o'clock and we drove to Le Petit Monaco in Marylebone High Street. We both disliked the manager and the food was not all that good and quite expensive. Still, we both greatly enjoyed ourselves. Clara turned up at 4.15 and stayed for three hours and greatly enjoyed her tea. She brought me narcissus and presents for all the family! At her nicest of course but she's very miserable about their position, and no wonder.
Thursday, 12 March
Hester rang up and said that Peter Hiley greatly approved of the Clifton Court flat, and she is taking it from end of April. Very exciting!! Wrote long combined letter to Bet and Anne - also to Reg and to Bram who may be coming here for the night on Monday.

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