Friday, 25 July 2014

Week of 23 February 1959

Monday, 23 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
A dull but dry day. I felt very tired and did not go out all day. Shame! Bram arrived about 12.30 and enjoyed a very good square meal, and we had a long interesting talk. Apparently, Peter's school can't take him as a boarder, but Hester rang up and told Bram she was perfectly ready to take both him and Paul! Golden girl! Nothing settled of course, and there are other possibilities. Bram went to the Ministry of Transport and will probably hear from them in a fortnight.
I phoned Pippa at the Boltons. She thinks she has got a permanent house near Marlborough, as well as the temporary one in Dorsetshire. She sounds in good form.
Thursday, 26 February
An exciting post. Anne has made capital arrangements for the boys and will start for Germany, all well, next Thursday. Pippa sent me particulars of Orchard House, Wilton. Her offer for it has been accepted and it sounds just right!
Sunday, 1 March
Awly rang up from Lincoln. Just back from Notley where they had had a lovely time.

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