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Week of 15 June 1959

Monday 15 June
Hôtel Beau Rivage, Bandol
Another perfect day. We spent the morning on our beach where I paddled and wrote and had a dubonnet. After our siesta we went over to the island and had tea, and I read Mab my diary. I walked round to the other side of the island and up to the statue by the château. A quite marvellous view. We caught the 6.30 boat back.
After dinner we sat and talked with Mr and Mrs Menkes, the very interesting Belgians we have met here. He is the founder of the Menkes business.

Tuesday, 16 June
Our last day at Bandol. We both had bad nights and felt seedy, but it passed off. Took a quiet morning, but in afternoon drove down to the Cred Lyonnais for money and went to ?? where we had quite a pleasant tea but the place is not a patch on this. Later, Mabel and I both took walks on our own, and were then busy packing, paying bills, saying goodbye to the Menkes, etc.

Wednesday, 17 June
Hôtel Beau Rivage, Bandol – London
Caught 8.44 am train to Nice. A three-hour journey and very comfortable in our first-class carriage. Were met by Contour and driven over to the airport and everythingdone most efficiently. Had a very good lunch there. Our plane did not go till 4.20 but time passed quickly. Very good flight but not so enjoyable as the one ought, and Mabel did not feel inclined for the dinner. Got home at 8.30 pm to find the house looking super, both in and out.
Hard on our heels arrived Patience and Hugh on their way back from Studley, bringing flowers, strawberries etc etc – all lovely, but we could have wished it another time! They didn’t stay long and we got early to bed.
A lovely evening – as nice as any at Bandol! The last half of ur holiday was much the best and Bandol grew on us greatly.

Thursday, 18 June
47 Hamilton Terrace

Felt very tired all day. Mabel busy packing all morning. After lunch we managed with great difficulty to get a taxi to take her to Milton Court Hotel with her luggage, tea table etc.

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