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Week of June 8, 1959

Monday, 8 June
Hôtel Beau Rivage, Bandol

Very windy (mistral). I spent morning on the beach, but Mabel did not come down.
After lunch some Americans drove us down to the library where we failed to get our Sunday Times and then we went across to the Ile Ricard, Bandol, where we had tea. Greatly liked the island. Gorgeous views and very interesting Halles des Vins, lovely flowers, open-air theatre.

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Île Ricard, Bandol
Tuesday, 9 April
Mistral stronger than ever. I went down again to the beach - not so enjoyable as last time, though I had a glass of white wine and a very sheltered paddle. Mabel wrote in the terrace.
After lunch we drove with Mr and Mrs Menkes to Le Castellet, a fortified village with old church and magnificent views. We had tea there
We stopped at the station on our way home about exchanging our tickets back to Nice for 1st class.
Both of us very tired and depressed. Early to bed.

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Le Castellet
Wednesday, 10 June
Mabel and I both had stressful nights and the day started badly but turned into a happy one. A very interesting post but an unopened letter from MW mysteriously vanished which cast a shadow! Mistral stronger than ever. I enjoyed a completely quiet morning on the terrace and Mab went to the library for ppcs!
After our siesta took a bus to the Lido and loved the open sea and the firm sand and paddles; had tea and greatly enjoyed ourselves.

The Lido, Bandol

Thursday, June 11
A perfect day climatically and Mab and I had slept better and felt much better - her cold at last on the mend. We both went our own way in the morning - no beach - and I walked round past the pier, the Golfe Hotel, and back by our special beach. At 3.30 our taxi friend took us to Cassis, a really lovely drive past La Ciotat. Tea (of sorts!) at the Hôtel Roches Blanches, Cassis, where I idiotically left our newspapers.
Cassis most picturesque, but everything tiny, congested and steep, and I chose simply not to stay here. But a very worthwhile excursion.

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Hôtel Roches blanches, Cassis
Friday, 12 June
Woke very tired and we decided to give the Lido a miss, and I sat and wrote in the garden till lunch while Mab walked. In the afternoon a violent thunderstorm and heavy rain. We decided to have tea in the hotel and were just going down when a telegram arrived from Pippa: "Ben cables Nicola Mary both well love Pippa". After tea went to Post Office. Frightful difficulty over cable to Pounce. Finally cut to bare minimum and sent it at deferred rate. Also wired congratulations to Pips. When her telegram came my first reaction was that it must be bad news of a sister - stupid.
Both of us done in and came up very early to bed.

Saturday, 13 June
Lovely day. We took a picnic lunch and ate it by the harbour waiting for bus to the Lido. Sat on the plage dorée. Back to the Lido where Mab fell over a step on her bad knee. It shook her up and she had some brandy. Got bus back and walked to Jean-Jacques where we had a delicious tea. Madame finally got off my cable to Pounce. It has cost a pretty penny (see assorted notes).

Sunday, 14 June
A perfect day. Mab a bit shaken. We spent morning quietly on the terrace. After our rest in the afternoon we had a delightful drive round Bandol, having provided ourselvs with patisseries  from Jean-Jacques. We went over Le Hôtel Goeland which I quite fell for, had tea at Hôtel Clairefont which I didn't like as much. Later Mab went down for ppcs and I to post letter to Pips. Mab's leg painful and stiff.

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Hôtel Clairefont, Bandol

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Hôtel le Goeland, Bandol

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