Friday, 21 August 2015

Week of 22 June 1959

Saturday, 27 June
47 Hamilton Terrace – Orchard House
A busy morning, an early lunch and then Edith taxied with me to Paddington and settled me into an empty Ist class carriage in the 2.55 for Savernake where Pips met me. The rain had stopped but it was quite cold and very windy. Lovely welcome tea and then explored house and garden. Delightful and just right for Pips and she looks different already. Rested till a late supper. James away at Marlborough for cricket. A letter waiting from Huss. She and Jo have summer flu. Grey, her cat, seems very happy.
Sunday, 28 June
Orchard House

A cool windy day, but mostly fine. Had a beautiful night, but feel very tired and mostly blind. No church-going and I got up late and have spent most of the day trying to get my bearings. A most confusing place, but most attractive inside and out.

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