Sunday, 23 August 2015

Week of 29 June 1959

Monday, 29 June
Orchard House
Slept badly but felt less tired than yesterday. Drove with Pippa into Marlborough where I had elevenses at ‘Polly’s’ and went through the school chapel whilst Pips shopped. I was awfully glad to see it all again. In the afternoon there was a violent thunderstorm. After tea Nicky and I took a lovely walk up the Roman road. Quite gorgeous views. I greatly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 30 June
Slept well but felt unwell and low. Drove with Pips to Pewsey to see James off by bus for his match at Bryanston. Slept on return till lunchtime! And in afternoon had another sleep till tea!
It turned into a lovely evening and I sat out till suppertime, and Pips worked in the orchard till 10 pm.
Listened in to Covent Garden where Callas etc were singing in Cerubini’s Medea.

Thursday, 2 July
Felt better. We drove over to Reading and Joyelle Bolton gave us an absolutely super lunch in their most comfortable bungalow. Afterwards both Arthur and I rested whilst Joyce helped Pips buy a Hoover. After an early tea we drove back to Orchard House.
Nicky played tennis with the Lemons and Pippa worked in the garden. I did a very little myself.
I felt very tired and depressed. Pippa drove to Pewsey to fetch James back. They didn’t get back till midnight, but I was in bed long before.

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