Saturday, 29 August 2015

Week of 27 July 1959

Thursday, 30 July 
47 Hamilton Terrace  
Hester, Monga, Muff and Alice slept here 
A busy exciting day after a good Soneryl night. Windy and chilly but dry. Alice arrived at 12.30. I have never known her so charming. Hester  and the Ms turned up in the Fiat – they had been met at the airport by Peter Hiley, and drove up here but dropped him on the way. I think Hester looks a lot better and all 3 looked so nice. We had a delightful tea and later they all four drove up to Regent's Park and the children had swings. Then back for baths and bed – and then we had drinks and supper in the kitchen. 
Later Pippa rang up – all very well down there, and she told me that Anne and the little boys were going to her from 15th to 22nd August. Anne overjoyed (and so amI) and can arrange for Bram to look after himself. 

Friday 31 July 
47 Hamilton Terrace – Elmhurst Farm 
Busy morning. I packed and Hester and Alice shopped. Lunch very early and H went off immediately afterwards leaving the Ms in A's care. I went by car to Victoia in ample time for the 2.18 to Horsham. No crowd in first class. Reg met me and we had tea on the terrace (his first!). Rested till aperitif time which we had in the drawing room. It had turned into a really lovely evening, though not really warm. I felt quite overtired and went extra early to bed. 

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