Monday, 28 March 2016

Week of 18 January 1960

Monday, 18 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne slept here
Anne and Sarah out shopping this morning and back for one of Ina's super lunches. Afterwards they bussed to Liverpool St and Anne saw Sarah off by the 5.30 school train. Anne was back for tea and afterwards went over to Hester where she had a few people in for drinks. Hester has been strapped up at the Middlesex and hopes not to need plaster of Paris.
Alas Ina will be leaving in six weeks if Mike gets a house he has offered for. Still, that gives me time to look around.
Tuesday, 19 January
Anne left after tea for Ramsgate. I felt very low and tired and shall go early to bed.
Pippa rang me up, back from Oxford where she had left James' things. She will come to tea on Saturday after David Bolton's wedding. Lovely.
Wednesday, 20 January
Slept well and felt better and much less gloomy today. Phoned Hester. She is more comfortable and hopes to get down to Notley tomorrow and bring back Woof. Caroline miles better and may be back at school tomorrow.
Pips rang up tonight. Kind of her,as she realised I was depressed last night. It is snowing don there again.
Saturday, 23 January
Vivien is taking Huss and Monga tonight to Covent Garden to see Margot Fonteyn in Cinderella
Sunday, 24 January
Reg and Bet slept here
Bet turned up just before 6 o'clock, and Reg and minute or two later. Quite a bit later Pont and Alice arrived for drinks, and then they all arrived for drinks. Reg and I had a nice tête à tête in the evening.

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