Friday, 1 April 2016

Week of 1 February 1960

Tuesday, 2 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Bet slept here
Bet worked overtime at her job, as they were short-handed.
This evening Moore the painter came and gave an estimate for doing kitchen and larder - £32. He will start work on Thursday. Bet was splendid. I couldn't have coped with it without her.
Wednesday, 3 February
Bet slept here
Ina cleared everything out of kitchen and larder into the passage and cupboards, and work will start tomorrow morning.
Bet left early to clock in at her job at 9 o'clock. Worked till 5 when she bussed down to Enid and sat with her for an hour or so, thought her very little changed, but very low to start with. She (Bet) was back soon after 7, and we had drinks and then an early supper. She had been going to dine with Pont, but he phoned her at Enid's that he was feeling sick and going home.
Phoned Pips after supper. She had been to Savernake Hospital and the specialist found nothing wrong, thank goodness.
Thursday, 4 February
Bet slept here
Bet left at 8.30 - went to Mab for a drink after her work after her work, and Pont met her to tidy up before going on to Hester. They both looked very tired and I feel the same. Moore, decorator, failed to turn up and did not even phone till lunch time to explain why.
Friday, 5 February
Bet and Pont slept here
I got home about 4 o'clock - found "Ken" the merry painter still here - great work in the kitchen!
Saturday, 6 February
Bet and Pont slept here
Bet and Pont got back from golf at Highgate. I'm afraid Bet is shaping for a cold and I feel off colour myself.
Sunday, 7 February
Bet slept here
Pont being here was a great help as he coped with the boiler and the drawing-room fire. Bet still feeling lousy, but got up though did not go out.
Pont left after tea.

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