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Week of 11 April 1960

Monday, 11 April 
47 Hamilton Terrace
Alice slept here
Shopped in morning before lunching with Enid for her birthday (88). A mass of floral tributes and other presents.
Alice back for supper and much less tired today. I have taken tickets for her and me for Stowmarket on Good Friday.
Wednesday, 13 April
Alice slept here
Phoned Pips this evening who seemed in very good form. James flying to Germany tomorrow for the varsity hockey matches.
Pippa came in for a drink and was looking better and very pretty. She had got me two slips for my birthday present for Awly.
Thursday, 14 April
Alice slept here
Muff is now ill - but Gordon is there. He is very kindly driving Alice and me to Liverpool St to catch our 10.20 train to Stowmarket. Rang up Bet and fixed it all up.
Friday, 15 April
47 Hamilton Terrace - Ringshall Grange
Up early to finish packing, shut up house etc. Alice very helpful. Gordon fetched us at 9.15 and drove us to Liverpool St station (Monga came too) and saw us into the 10.20 train to Stowmarket. Very empty, our first class tickets quite unnecessary! Lunched in train. Pont and Johnny met us at Stowmarket. Lovely to get to Ringshall and see Bet, but I was dead to the world, and after coffee went up to rest in my delightful little room upstairs overlooking the meadow. Had tea upstairs (home-made hot X buns!). Much discussion with Bet about alternative plans for next week. She has gone to endless trouble about them.
She phoned Daphne and we are to drive over to Bentions ? on Easter Monday when we shall also see Christopher and his family. It turned into a perfect afternoon and they played rounders with their new tenants, the Haworths.
Saturday, 16 April
Ringshall Grange
Pont and Barnaby played golf at Ipswich.
Sunday, 17 April
Bet drove me to a tiny village church for Easter Communion and Pont and Barnaby fetched me back.
In the afternoon Bet drove Alice and me over to tea at Hill House, Marlesford. I was awfully pleased with everything there - house - garden - family. Awly looking so well and pretty and the children delightful, including the new baby. Name not quite fixed yet. "Polly" perhaps or "Sophy".

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