Saturday, 2 April 2016

Week of 15 February 1960

Thursday, 18 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Bet slept here
Alice turned up later and had a bath before supper and afterwards she and Bet helped me going through my wardrobe and drawers for jumble.
Friday, 19 February
Bet and Pont arrived here about 4.30 and gulped down tea before driving down to Studley. Bet was the first to tell me that the Queen had a son.
Sunday, 21 February
I spent most of the afternoon coping with letters; everything heavy weather somehow! Have been phoning a lot to Mab who is still in bed with flu. So is Monga! Lil has had a good day and had Diana to lunch. Enid pretty well too.I have phoned Pippa. She drove Nicky back from Birmingham today. They had been staying with the Mabeys as James was playing hockey. 

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