Saturday, 9 April 2016

Week of 22 February 1960

Monday, 22 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Betty slept here
I had just finished an early lunch when Bet and Pont arrived from Studley armed with steak which they cooked in the kitchen. Bet and I have had a very pleasant tête à tête evening interrupted with telephoning.
Wednesday, 24 February
Betty slept here
Taxied to the first of four additional meditation meetings in Lower Sloane St. It was taken by Miss Linds and was awfully nice.
Back in time for tea. Much colder and heavy rain in afternoon. Bet and Pont had been at Hendon, Pont playing golf - very well and glad of bath and tea before going off to pick up Alice for a play - Roar Like a Dove.
Thursday, 25 February
Bet and Alice slept here
Great news in the post. Cosh has left Anne $100 and his solicitor has written to ask me for her name and address.
A sad account of Dick Pemberton from Daphne.
Wrote 4 letters to English maids and interviewed a fifth, but neith Betty nor I liked her, so we are no forrader!
Betty went down to Guildford and had lunch with Betty Ross of Ringshall days.
Friday, 26th February
Betty slept here
After lunch Bet and I went to Selfridges and came back laden with lovely things for the kitchen. After this Pont and she did splendid work putting on the Paylon fabrics on tables, shelves and lift. It really looks lovely.
Great news this evening, Princess Margaret engaged. Hurrah!
The Rector of Beaumont is allowing Barnaby to come up tomorrow for one night and he will arrive after lunch. Alice is spending the weekend at Clifton Court to keep Sigrid company as Hester is going to take the children down to Awly in the morning for their half term.
Saturday, 27th February
Bet and Barnaby slept here
Hester started off at 10 o'clock in the car with the children and Wuff to spend the half term weekend with Awly. Alice at the flat to keep Sigrid company. She (Alice) brought me lovely daffodils. Pont and Barnaby turned up almost simultaneously at 5 o'clock, and a German girl, Gerda Manger, at the same time. Bet and I liked her but northing is fixed.
Pippa rang up; she had brought James back from Oxford. Bet, Pont, Alice, Barnaby and Sigrid went to a film and had supper in the kitchen afterwards.
Sunday, 28th February
Bet and Pont slept here
Bet and Rudge went to 8 o'clock mass. Pont came over later and they all went to Richmond equipped with a picnic lunch to play golf, but the course was terribly crowded. Rudge went back to Beaumont via Richmond, and Bet and Pont came back here in time for tea.

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